White Racists Picking on D.C. Metro Riders. Again.

The Washington Post and D.C. City Council have finally figured out why 91 percent of Metro fares evaders are black: Racist transit police are targeting black people and ignoring white people who do the same thing. That is why the city council this week voted to decriminalize citations for the free riders.  And why the Metro says it will continue to lose $25 million a year on the turnstile jumpers -- a small price to pay to correct 40, 4,000, 4 million (take your pick) years of racial injustice directed at black people, say members of the city council. Writing tickets to black people is “endemic of a systemic issue” of white racism, said city councilman Charles Allen.  And that is why the City Council voted to change their citation scheme to a system where police can still write tickets, but the Metro will not be able to do anything to collect the fines if the perps refuse to pay. Under the old system, people were not allowed to register their cars, for...(Read Full Article)
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