The Nazi Roots of Climate Change

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic candidate for Congress from New York's 14th Congressional District (the Bronx and Queens), recently compared dealing with those who deny climate change and oppose her party's measures to counter this "existential threat" to fighting the Nazis in WW II. We owe Ms. Ocasio-Cortez a high degree of thanks for this important warning, but one awakening has to occur before we can take full advantage of its true value.  When it comes to "climate change" as well as other "environmentalist" issues, it is Ocasio-Cortez and her party who have more in common with Hitler's Third Reich than the Republicans and conservatives who oppose them and whom they smear as "Nazis" with remarks like hers. Please note that I'm not saying liberal environmentalists are Nazis, nor that they are anti-Semitic or want to start a world war.  However, since Ocasio-Cortez (and other Democrats) brought the...(Read Full Article)
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