The Left Favors Global Warming

Diehard environmentalists -- the fervent, radical Green faction -- want global warming to continue. Whether man-caused warming is real or just a fabrication of anti-capitalist leftists is unimportant. The hardcore environmental lobby wants and needs the issue of warming to justify their existence and fundraising activities the same way and for the same reasons that the Democratic Party creates racial, gender, ethnic and income-based victimhood. Create a victim group, convince them that their plight is completely the fault of the opposing party, then promise them a government program that will alleviate their suffering forever if they vote for the Democrats. The issue of warming being the fault of Republicans is a tough case to make, however. First, there’s the issue of whether there is really any man-caused warming at all. Without refighting that entire battle here, there is certainly a lot of doubt as to the legitimacy of that claim. The famous statement of “97% of...(Read Full Article)
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