Progress Down a Slope

For the undecided or confused, the young, or anyone with scant knowledge of the past, it is important, I think, before voting, to see an A:B comparison between America before and after it changed during the past century.  The following "thumbnail review" includes firsthand experience. Before the social revolution of the 1960s, it was typical and normal for men to respect women.  It was typical and normal not "to go all the way" until marriage.  It was typical and normal for married couples to stick together "for worse," too.  It was typical and normal for children to grow up in two-parent families with a tradition of honesty and morality, fathers providing support, mothers providing childcare and guidance.  Deliberate abortion, recognized as an act of killing innocent human life, was illegal.  Killing for thrill, kids gunning one another down or murdering their parents, was unheard...(Read Full Article)
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