Liberals Have Gone Mental

Modern liberalism is diseased.  It is wrought by mental maladies exacerbated by postmodernism’s delusional insistence that empirical facts are figments of white male rule.  This warped view subverts reality if it doesn’t conform to their revisionist left-wing propaganda.  Eight years ago, Michael Savage made this call in his book, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.  The mass malady also foments mental discontinuity and cognitive dissonance, ensnaring misguided college students in particular. Cognitive dissonance occurs when an individual’s thoughts or beliefs are rooted in inconsistency, which is precisely what modern liberalism wallows in.  Under the auspices of effete liberal intellectuals, postmodernism is prevalent in academia where it enfeebles budding liberals’ thoughts with nihilistic notions that ravage objective truths.  The resultant relativism engenders delusions and waywardness amongst malleable students –...(Read Full Article)
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