Armistice Day: The Wages of Stupid

In evaluating the causes of the Great War my lefty pal Michael Mann in his multi-volume The Sources of Social Power blames the warrior culture of the Central Powers emperors. Making war was all they knew and so that is what they did. But I beg to differ. In my view the First World War, whose armistice in 1918 we remember this week, was merely the consequence of the normal idiots being idiots. In other words, Bismarck and Lord Salisbury were dead; there was nobody with half a brain to take their places, and so the normal rule of stupid prevailed and millions died. Here is what I mean in respect of Bismarck. He was the guy that figured out how to create a united national German state out of the multitude of German principalities. He led the Germans into three nice little winnable wars, against Denmark(!), Austria, and France, in turn. Then he assembled all the German princes in Versailles in 1871 and declared the new German Reich before the euphoria of victory had had a chance to...(Read Full Article)
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