Winston Churchill Assaulted Christine Blasey Ford

Well, not exactly.  The title is meant to illustrate the politically correct absurdities that have permeated our culture, the assault on history and eternal truths, the endless intimidation, and the endless apologies that result.  All men are rapists, all women are victims, the Founders were slave-owners, and Winston Churchill was a genocidal maniac. Tear down the statues that remind us that the Confederacy did exist; that we fought a civil war that ended slavery; and, yes, that we apologized at Gettysburg.  Remember that all men are rapists, all women are victims, all people are hopelessly dependent on government, and Alyssa Milano is a great intellect. Now we have retired astronaut Scott Kelly demonstrating that he should have dialed up the oxygen in his spacesuit, apologizing to the world for quoting Winston Churchill as others grotesquely rewrite history to condemn the man who helped save the world from a new dark age under the rule of...(Read Full Article)
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