Why Are Young Eastern Europeans So Right-Wing?

At least since the French revolution, young people have traditionally been more left-leaning than their parents.  It hasn't changed over the past few decades, and there is little reason to think it's going to reverse any time soon.  The fact that older people are more conservative and younger people tend to be more liberal is also in line with existing research and scientific literature.  In Western Europe and throughout the Anglo-Saxon world, this theory hasn't been challenged for a long time, and despite some of its shortcomings (youths seem to be more liberal on social issues than economic ones), it still works today. But what if we look into Central and Eastern Europe? As unbelievable as it may sound, here it's completely different – the situation is exactly the opposite.  Evidence suggests that the right has been steadily gaining momentum over the last few years.  It even looks as though...(Read Full Article)
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