The Left’s Dark Turn

In October 1991, future Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano ushered in a bold new era in American political history. At the time a Democratic activist and an attorney in private practice, Napolitano was, for no good reason, monitoring the preliminary interview by Senate staffers of Susan Hoerchner. A California administrative judge, Hoerchner was the prime mover in the outing of Napolitano’s client, Anita Hill. “OK. Were you living in Washington at the time you two had this phone conversation?” the staff attorney asked Hoerchner. The attorney was referring to the conversation during which Hill told Hoerchner that “her boss” had sexually harassed her on the job. “Yes,” said Hoerchner. “So it was prior to September of 1981?” asked the staffer. “Oh, I see what you’re saying,” said Hoerchner. At this point, although she had no official role in the proceedings, Napolitano objected and called...(Read Full Article)
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