The Face of the Resistance

High-profile Republicans in restaurants.  County Republican HQs.  Participants at rallies and protests.  And now… innocent individuals in their cars. This incident recorded on a phone, took place on October 18th getting off the interstate in Pompano Beach, Florida.  The victim?  One single, female in her car.  The perp?  One male with a limited vocabulary.  The incident?  The male cut off the female as she was exiting the interstate.  The cause?  Two Trump bumper stickers on the female’s car. As you can see from the video, the perp is limited to the F word, the B word, and drawing attention to the fact that this Trump supporter is a woman.  He doesn’t make much of a case, relying instead on invective, insult, and intolerance.  In fact, I think this is a fairly damning video of the left’s true hatred towards women in general and Caucasian women in particular, whom the perp repeatedly...(Read Full Article)
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