The Face of the Resistance

High-profile Republicans in restaurants.  County Republican HQs.  Participants at rallies and protests.  And now… innocent individuals in their cars.

This incident recorded on a phone, took place on October 18th getting off the interstate in Pompano Beach, Florida.  The victim?  One single, female in her car.  The perp?  One male with a limited vocabulary.  The incident?  The male cut off the female as she was exiting the interstate.  The cause?  Two Trump bumper stickers on the female’s car.

As you can see from the video, the perp is limited to the F word, the B word, and drawing attention to the fact that this Trump supporter is a woman.  He doesn’t make much of a case, relying instead on invective, insult, and intolerance. 

In fact, I think this is a fairly damning video of the left’s true hatred towards women in general and Caucasian women in particular, whom the perp repeatedly referred to as a female dog.  Nice. 

Any lone female in her car who was followed off the freeway, cut off, and then attacked in such a way certainly has a justification for feeling “metoo’d” by this jerk.  This was an assault, clear as day.  And this is not funny business. This is serious.  We are dealing with benzene-laden hunks of metal careening off the freeway at 40 to 60 mph.  Cutting someone off in a car at such speeds is a dangerous dance that can result in multi-car pile-ups and death and injury to anyone involved. 

It’s all just more hypocrisy of the left -- their concern for women (unless they have Trump bumper stickers on their car); their concern for our collective safety (unless you are road-raging a car off the freeway). 

Democrats talk all the time about Republicans calling for support among the masses with their dog whistles. I’ve always found this hysterical because I have never seen that happen.  Not once.  Lord knows, I’d love it if we had some kind of secret code or handshake that could instantly mobilize the troops.  I’d give my right arm just to have a centralized website to coordinate action!  But conservatives just aren’t that organized and we certainly aren’t easily herded into political behavior like our Dem counterparts are.  The dog whistle claim is merely an act of projection by the paranoid left, attributing to conservatives some kind of behavior that is admittedly (and regrettably) alien to us, but commonplace for radical Democrats. 

Any rational person looking objectively at the events as they have unfolded can see that Holder, Clinton, Waters, Obama and their brethren in the Senate and House have blown that dog whistle pretty darn hard and unabashedly, setting off their pooches to rabidly attack conservatives, Republicans, and supporters of Trump of all varieties.  They express their ire and frustration with the Trump administration by yelling, screaming, clawing, lying, gesticulating, foaming at the mouth, spitting, pounding tables, raising fists, and flipping off innocent recipients who are dining, driving, and socializing. 

I get it -- I once had a great deal of rage towards the Pelosi, Reid, Obama triumvirate.  But I channeled that frustration into action, electoral participation, and mobilization; not violence.

During my Tea Party days, we had many opportunities to Maxine-like harass people and get in their faces, block them from attending high-priced fundraisers at the personal residences of America’s glitterati.  We could have made the lives of the individuals who resided there most unpleasant as they entered/exited their homes.  But we never did that.  We believed family and privacy were to be respected and that is how we operated.  We saved the protests for further down the road.  They were always polite and fun, there were never any threats, no recipient of our protests was ever left feeling vulnerable or at risk of an assault of any type, including verbal. 

But the left doesn’t operate the same way and, for those of us who were seasoned living in the Bay Area where leftwing radical protests are a way of life, we knew this going into the rally/protest biz.  And so we made a conscious choice to conduct ourselves in such a way that we could maintain our integrity and dignity as we embarked onto the protest scene.

Not so, the Democrats.

The dog whistles have indeed been activated by the Democrats.  If the Republicans succeed at the polls in a few weeks, it will only get worse for anyone who supports Trump. 

This lies with the Democrats.  It is up to Pelosi, Waters, Booker, Harris, Warren, the Obamas and the Clintons, and all of the ridiculous pundits who twist their logic to somehow justify this behavior, to call off their attack dogs and condemn this behavior.

It is up to us, to let them know “We’re not gonna take it.  Never did and never will.”  Do not lose your resolve.  Do not let these animals back you into a corner.  Punch Back. 

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