Soros, Pot, and New Mexico

Efforts to convince New Mexicans to legalize recreational pot have been especially intense and well funded.  After losing the legislature and the governorship, Democratic interests have set their sights on this year's election candidates, hoping to turn the state reefer blue. Local newspapers have been relentlessly reporting on polls claiming that most New Mexicans support the legalization of pot.  The most recent story (the third this year) on yet another survey conducted by Albuquerque-based Research & Polling, Inc. (RPI) headlined that nearly 2:1 New Mexicans back legalized marijuana. New Mexicans are being hoodwinked. These news stories are not reporting news.  They are marketing.  As every communications and marketing professional knows, polling is the primary marketing technique to shape public opinion.  Public relations and advertising firms use polls and surveys to create the...(Read Full Article)
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