Marxism and Education

At Columbia University's Teachers College, in the early years of the 20th century, a handful of men inspired by "laws of social evolution" gathered to presume a "science" of education linked with a "science" of human behavior.  They were no mere researchers.  Their sights were on nothing less than the establishment of a new social order. Laws?  Science?  The scientific method bends out of shape over things like the will.  Love, hate, loyalty, treachery, humility, arrogance, and many other common items of human experience melt science down to its core.  And the study of humans by humans is – well, circular, is it not? The intellectual arrogance, not to say quackery, of men like John Dewey may be forgiven as a human weakness.  But lording over one's fellows by presuming to make of them a better breed smells not only of conceit, but of treachery.  In this...(Read Full Article)
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