Kavanaugh's Lesson: Inform the American People

Brett Kavanaugh is now a justice on the Supreme Court -- a tremendous victory for President Trump and America. Praise God! Last week, fake news media and the Democrats flooded the airwaves with their narrative that Trump cruelly “mocked” Christine Blasey Ford. Upon listening to what Trump actually said, I thought, “For crying out loud. All Trump did was expose the unreported facts of the case. And this is called mocking?” The truth of the matter is, the left's greatest weapon is its ability to dominate the airwaves with deceptions and lies which produce misinformed voters and Republican politicians fearful of telling the truth. I knew that Trump humorously explaining the absurdity of Ford's claim was a home run. First, he informed the public of the facts and second, he outraged the left, which told me Trump's explanation was effective. Leftists have laid down the rules of political battle which most Republicans and GOP advisers...(Read Full Article)
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