Eternal Jihad: Islam Will Never, Ever Stop

The "West and Islam have been mortal enemies since the latter's birth some fourteen centuries ago," warns Islam scholar Raymond Ibrahim in his recent book Sword and Scimitar:  Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West.  His extensive analysis bears out the apt title of this volume, whose documented history is equally ill remembered and yet vital for modern Westerners. Ibrahim begins by elucidating the disturbing conceptual core of Islam and its seventh-century Arab prophet, Muhammad.  "The appeal of Muhammad's message lay in its compatibility with the tribal mores of his society," Ibrahim notes.   For seventh-century Arabs – and later tribal peoples, chiefly Turks and Tatars, who also found natural appeal in Islam – the tribe was what humanity is to modern people:  to be part of it was to be treated humanely; to be outside of it was to be treated inhumanely. Accordingly,...(Read Full Article)
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