'Democratic Socialism': A Myth and an Oxymoron

Except for the stubbornly ignorant, led by U.S. senator Bernie Sanders and his fashionista acolyte Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, the rest of us understand that socialism is an abomination. What is not well understood is how the social construct of a pure democracy cannot redeem any feature of socialism.  Instead, it would hasten the arrival of collective totalitarianism. Before Karl Marx, from Robert Owens's utopian experiment to the early 19th-century musings of French intellectuals, notably Charles Fourier, was the promise of a pure economic democracy, where the means of production are owned and managed by "the people."  Marx was purposely ambiguous about who would own the means of production once the class struggle displaced the bourgeoisie.  In the Communist Manifesto, the people foment the uprising, but the state eventually displaces the people.  Das Kapital...(Read Full Article)
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