Conservatives Love Hillary Clinton

Since life isn't fair and God finds humor in our feeble attempts at self-governance, Hillary Clinton continues to haunt public life, like a jilted ex-girlfriend stalking all your usual hangouts. The only reason, as I see it, why Clinton is still sought after for insight is purely sadistic: a not insubstantial number of us enjoy watching a loser's reaction to events he can't control.  Hillary shamelessly indulges these rubberneckers, going as far as to write a grievance missive that shot up to the top of the New York Times best-seller list. With a knack for ill timing, Hillary and her slick-styled lecherous husband are embarking on a six-month speaking tour, which will hit all her major support areas in deep blue metropolises, while leaving out the many purple-state cities that cost her the presidency.  Wisconsin is conspicuously absent from the list. (Perhaps Hillary is secretly lactose-intolerant and will bust out in hives if she visits...(Read Full Article)
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