Being Human and the Abuse of Science

The question, Hamlet, is not "to be or not to be" or even "to act or not to act."  It is "to believe or not to believe." Human being calls for living according to a set of beliefs that come from the source of being – not from the brain, not from science, not from natural or man-made objects.  Being human stems from cognition that transcends the opinions and calculations of any individual or group.  This is something that people have always known and leaders have forgotten. Philosophers and theologians who object or rationalize around this central fact of human life ignore or make light of the fact that we do not put ourselves here and know zilch about how, for example, water, food, and air become thoughts, emotions, and the countless products of human life and civilization, from safety standards to works of art.  This large blind spot regarding the reality of the world and ourselves leads to endless...(Read Full Article)
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