Another Hurricane Means More Climate Change Hysteria

Hurricane Michaelis the first category four storm to make landfall in the panhandle. It’s hurricane season after all, so it’s no big surprise that another storm developed a month after Hurricane Florence battered the Carolinas. In the intervening weeks, another sort of hurricane captured the media’s attention. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh fought for his dignity and honor under the onslaught of Hurricanes Dianne, Cory, Kamala, and Da Nang Dick. Fortunately these hurricanes turned out to be nothing but hot air, pushed out into the Atlantic by Hurricanes Donald, Lindsey, Susan, and Chuck. Now that the Kavanaugh family is recovering from a category five confirmation battle, the media needs a new shiny object to chase and obsess over. Fortunately for them, Hurricane Michael is their shiny object for the next several days. The global warming, now climate change, stories are already in play. In one of Britain’s left wing papers, The Guardian, they...(Read Full Article)