Will Getting Rid of UNRWA Fix the Palestinian Problem?

President Trump seems determined to shut down UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency), the organization singularly preoccupied with caring for the Arab refugees, and their descendants, of the 1947-49 war between Jewish and Arab forces for control of Mandatory Palestine.  While the idea seems good – a final nail in the coffin of Palestine dreams – there might be unintended consequences. Long going, unresolved refugee crises are not unique to the Mideast – think of the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma), which conflict is partially rooted in British colonial era policies, or the Lhotshampas from Bhutan. The Mideast crisis gets more pressure because it explodes into open world politics.  The usual response given is that UNRWA aggravates the situation by promoting a right of return for Palestinians. While complaints against UNRWA are accurate, there may be few happy alternatives. What should UNRWA encourage these stateless people to...(Read Full Article)
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