We Must Fight for Family Values

Our culture is increasingly pushing against the family as the bedrock institution of civilization.  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels believed that the family is a "bourgeois institution" premised on the inequalities of the capitalist system.  This teaching is disgusting and wretched in the deepest sense.  It must be persistently and openly repudiated.  Bernie Sanders and some stupid lady who just won a primary in New York City openly proclaim socialism, but all their critics can say to their vision of more free programs for the populace is "where will the money come from?"  The implications for our families of their socialist-communist vision is never at the forefront of the voiced objections to them, even by the conservative media.  Yet the preservation of the family is more important than even the serious matter of whether the country is or is not impoverished.  My grandparents were dirt poor from...(Read Full Article)
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