We Must Fight Back

The Left is out for blood.  In recent years, they have come to see their ideological opponents not as fellow Americans with whom they happen to disagree on certain issues, but as fundamentally bad people who do not deserve a voice and who should be silenced.  If they ever gain power in government again, they will not seek reconciliation with the other side or to bridge the partisan divide.  Instead, revenge will be the order of the day.  It is absurd to think that the same people who consider Donald Trump a fascist and his supporters “deplorable” want anything other than revenge.  Someday, Democrats will regain control of the House, Senate and Presidency; if not in  2020, then in 2024 or later.  And when that day comes, conservatives had better be prepared.  Polls show that Republicans are much less enthusiastic than Democrats about voting in this year’s midterms.  Conservatives must turn out to vote in November. ...(Read Full Article)
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