Trump Voters and the Bitter Elites

Since the 9th of November 2016, I and 63 million other Americans have been collectively characterized as racists, misogynists, Nazi sympathizers and ignorant simpletons because we voted for Donald Trump.  Whether it is the media, the denizens of Democratic Party, the NeverTrumpers, the elitists or the elitist wannabes, this Greek chorus has been mindlessly spouting these blanket accusations in their revulsion over the unexpected Trump victory.  In their addled thought process this is the only plausible explanation for Hillary Clinton losing.    I, along with the overwhelming majority of those of us who wear the scarlet letter of having voted for Trump, opted to ignore these ravings and simply get on with our lives while quietly seething over the rhetoric and accusations.    Hillary's 2016 Election Night "Victory Party" (screen grab VOA) However, I recently received an infuriating email which required a reply on behalf of my...(Read Full Article)
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