Trump Voters and the Bitter Elites

Since the 9th of November 2016, I and 63 million other Americans have been collectively characterized as racists, misogynists, Nazi sympathizers and ignorant simpletons because we voted for Donald Trump.  Whether it is the media, the denizens of Democratic Party, the NeverTrumpers, the elitists or the elitist wannabes, this Greek chorus has been mindlessly spouting these blanket accusations in their revulsion over the unexpected Trump victory.  In their addled thought process this is the only plausible explanation for Hillary Clinton losing.   

I, along with the overwhelming majority of those of us who wear the scarlet letter of having voted for Trump, opted to ignore these ravings and simply get on with our lives while quietly seething over the rhetoric and accusations.   

Hillary's 2016 Election Night "Victory Party" (screen grab VOA)

However, I recently received an infuriating email which required a reply on behalf of my fellow Americans and Trump voters.

Over the years I bought spices on line from Penzeys, a firm located in Wisconsin with 69 stores throughout the country.  Almost immediately after the election, its president William T. Penzey, Jr., sent out a promotional email to their customer base which included an excoriation of Trump and his supporters.  I immediately stopped buying from them and requested my email address be deleted.   However, I continued to receive emails touting various products and promotions along with anti-Trump political commentary.   On the 8th of September I received another promotional email with the following lead-in as a letter to those of us who voted for Trump or any Republican:

I grew up in a Volkswagen bus.  My best friend grew up in his father’s navy coat.  He died a Marine from cancer maybe from a war he fought and was left to clean up after.  I respect you when you are right, and have no patience when you give up your values to unearned race-based praise.  Still, the cliff you are now dropping off of with this week’s events is too steep for anyone to face alone.  They fooled you, and shame on them for that.  But then you let them fool you again, and again, and again.  You and I know what that means.  But always remember, you are not alone.

The good news is that you were raised with the strength to take responsibility for your actions.  Now is the time to use that strength to put things right.  It won’t be easy.  It will be possible.  Now’s maybe the time to use your choice of search engine to type in “Ryan” “Trump” and “textbook” to see, maybe for the first time, that the racism that took over your party long ago was there well before you voted for this administration.  Now maybe this week for the first time you can see it.  I trust you to find your way to make amends and put your actions right.  It’s who you are.

Penzeys is a private entity and its president can say whatever he chooses.  But the condescension and the not so veiled intimation that Trump voters are mindless buffoons drips off the page and is typical of the mindset of the elitist cabal.   I and 63 million of my fellow Americans must make amends for our thoughtless action in voting for someone other than Hillary Clinton?  This is not just the rantings of a narcissistic buffoon but emblematic of far too many in the Ruling Establishment.

As he reveals in his missive, Mr. Penzey and his fellow travelers are obsessed with racism as that is the most common accusation hurled by this clique.  In their addled thought process racism is the sole province of Republicans and those repugnant Trump voters.  In reality, it is far more prevalent among the Left and the Democratic Party.

While Mr. Penzey was a toddler playing in his parents’ coffee and spice shop during the mid-1960’s, I was actively involved in the Civil Rights Movement.  Beyond the overt and venomous racist policies of the Democratic Party in the South, there was another notable phenomenon I noticed -- the racism endemic among the self-righteous liberals.

The motivation of the overwhelming majority of white participants in the Civil Rights Movement fell into three categories.  The first, and the most active group, were the hard-core leftists who viewed the Black proletariat as potential foot soldiers as well as a gullible constituency to be recruited in overturning the government and establishing a socialist nirvana.  The second, and the largest faction, were the liberals who viewed African-Americans as a population to be pitied, patted on the head and made dependent mascots so these pompous narcissists could wallow in their self-righteousness.  The third, and by far the smallest group, motivated by Judeo-Christian teachings and respect for the humanity of their fellow citizens, became involved in order to permanently eradicate institutional racism throughout the country.

In order to sow animosity and discontentment in the Black community, the Left today fabricates and shouts incessantly about racism when there is none.  They promote social and economic policies that obliterate the Black family.  They tacitly endorse Eugenics through unfettered abortion access and active promotion of abortions in the inner cities so that Black women account for 36% of all abortions (when Blacks make up 12% of the population).  They manipulate what is taught in the schools, so ignorance prevails, and the Black citizenry can thus be easily stage-managed into a monolithic voting bloc for the Democratic Party. 

These actions are a manifestation of virulent and pernicious racism, for they can ultimately undermine and destroy a race.  This bigotry is solely the province of the Left.  Meanwhile, the cancer that is antisemitism is also rapidly metastasizing throughout the Left and the Democratic Party.  

The overt racism of a few thousand (at most) members of the Ku Klux Klan or a couple of hundred thousand White Supremacists out of a population of 320 million people in a nation the size of the continent of Europe is no more than a nuisance and politically impotent.  Yet the Left, the media and the elites portray these outcasts as mainstream conservatives and Republicans in order to paint 63 million Tump voters as racists.  The reality is that this left-wing cabal is not only guilty of racism, but through their tacit support of the violent Antifa movement and aggressive suppression of free speech, they are no more than authoritarian sympathizers.

To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen in the 1988 Vice Presidential debate: I know and have experienced first-hand the evils of racism and the malevolence of Nazism.  Neither Donald Trump nor virtually all who voted for him are racists or Nazi sympathizers. 

They are Americans who were uneasy and frightened of the cultural and economic transformation of the United States promulgated by the current iteration of the Ruling Class. They wanted a change and Hillary Clinton was the personification of the overwhelming majority of this self-styled oligarchy: self-dealing, mendacious, narcissistic, and disposed toward socialism and cultural Marxism.

Mr. Penzey, I and my fellow 63 million Americans do not have make amends for a damn thing.   Perhaps you and your fellow elitists should make amends for foisting Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and an unabashedly neo-socialist, racist and authoritarian Democratic Party on the nation.

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