Toxic Humanism

"Making the world better" with no direction or assistance from God is a faith that rests on the belief that science and reason can deliver humanity from evil.  It is a faith that spawned a "humanism" that for over two hundred years has caused confusion and chaos concerning justice, wisdom, responsibility, love and hate, responsibility, the value of life...all the most important things in life...which are playthings to reason and impenetrable to science. While the earlier humanism of the Renaissance magnified the importance of humans as humans, it acknowledged the necessary connection between human beings and their Creator.  But secular humanism abolished that link and trashed what is sacred in human life.  This faux humanism gave us the Humanist Manifesto of 1933 (updated in 1973 and 2003) and the Secular Humanist Declaration of 1980.  Manifest in these documents are...(Read Full Article)
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