The Germans Will Never Learn

German foreign minister Heiko Maas of the German Social Democratic Party believes that Europe must unite to form a "counterweight" to the United States when it "crosses the line" in its dealings with Germany.  Maas believes that Germany and France should forge a stronger bond in order to diminish American freedom of action – whether it be in imposing sanctions on Iran (which would harm European business interests) or in forcibly renegotiating longstanding (bad) deals with Europe (specifically, Germany) on trade and mutual defense. But the idea that Germany, France, or any other European country could strengthen the fraying unity within the European Union – in order to "balance" against the United States, no less – is an absurdity that only a European liberal like Maas could countenance.  Europe is not a united entity, and it will never act as a counterweight to the United States (at least not by...(Read Full Article)
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