The Times Are Not Really Changing

Sarah Jeong, tech writer for the New York Times, thinks “white men are bullshit”. Pankaj Mishra, another writer for the New York Times, thinks the “religion of whiteness” (remember, white people don’t really exist according to the “party of science”) is leading the Earth toward “racial war and chaos”. It’s eerie how similar anti-racism and good ol’ racism sound, is it not? The thing is, anti-white racism (anti-asperism) is not some peculiar aberration from or incidental to modern leftism, but its essence. These insane articles and shameful events are not isolated, nor are they unfortunate examples of leftist hypocrisy or fallibility, they are the apotheosis of leftist thought. Jeong and Mishra believe exactly what their Marxist professors taught them and are exactly what Western power structures (including the press and the entertainment industry) have conditioned them to be. The white man is the enduring...(Read Full Article)
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