The Awful Unintended Consequences of Virtue-Signaling Liberals

Doing good for those less fortunate is a positive thing; however, doing good for the purpose of virtue-signaling can have hugely devastating unintended consequences.  An example of this can be found in the various liberal pure water initiatives, which strive to save lives by providing unfettered access to potable drinking water in isolated African villages and other locations where pure water for all has not been previously available. Organizations such as the William and Melinda Gates Foundation have become well known for their work in this area, and a common claim by these groups is the number of lives that are – or, if they're in a fundraising mode, can be – saved by universal access to safe drinking water.  People can feel good about themselves by donating to these causes without considering the consequences. And why not?  On the face of it, who can question the benefits of pure water?  However, this brings us to the...(Read Full Article)
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