Tech Giants Are Obviously Biased

It’s truly incredible at this point that anyone could deny the tech giants are discriminating against conservatives to an almost comical extent. Yet, may on the left still do. Of course, they do this while simultaneously demanding that tech companies actually do ban speech, which is always defined (by them) as “hate speech.” A very interesting approach, to say nothing else. In some cases, this is too obvious to deny. Alex Jones was basically kicked off the entirety of social media in one day in what seemed to be a fairly obvious case of collusion. YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Vimeo, Linkedin, and Pinterest all gave him the boot. Only Twitter held out, for a very short while, before doing the same. Alex Jones is, of course, a ludicrous conspiracy theorist who has said all sorts of wild and inflammatory things, such as the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and something about gay frogs. But it’s not hard to find plenty on the left who have committed all...(Read Full Article)
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