Rough Beasts Slouching toward the White House

Pardon me for the reference to Yeats's poem "The Second Coming," but events this week reminded me of the poem and this line: "the worst are full of passionate intensity." On the one hand, we have the most effective president in my lifetime, who has, as John Hinderaker details, pulled this country out of the economic doldrums, which were the direct result of the idiotic policies of his predecessor in office: American wages unexpectedly... Unexpectedly!  ...climbed in August by the most since the recession ended in 2009 and hiring rose by more than forecast, keeping the Federal Reserve on track to lift interest rates this month and making another hike in December more likely. Average hourly earnings for private workers increased 2.9 percent from a year earlier, a Labor Department report showed Friday, exceeding all estimates in a Bloomberg survey and the median projection for 2.7 percent.  Nonfarm payrolls rose 201,000...(Read Full Article)
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