Presidential Chaos

The Oval Office is in chaos.  Donald Trump is mercurial, scatter-brained, given to changing his opinion every few minutes.  Talks all the time.  Doesn’t listen.  Is opinionated.  Often wrong.  He is interested only in today, not tomorrow.  He lacks caution.  It all adds up to a president who clearly is mentally deficient – insane even.  Or so some say.  They say it is vital for the Nation’s future that Donald Trump be relieved of his office – or at least tightly controlled. All of the above may, or may not, be true.  Only those in a day-to-day working relationship with the president know the reality, and publicly they say only positive things about the man. Whatever the truth, the simple fact is that Donald Trump is, thus far, perhaps the most productive president in American history.  Only Teddy Roosevelt is a productive rival, and chaos surrounded him, as well.  How can Trump’s...(Read Full Article)
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