President Trump and America's Diet

Presidents are known for a lot – but healthy eating usually isn't on their list of positive accomplishments.  Despite the fact that President 45 doesn't have a particularly clean diet, nutrition needs to become a bigger part of his health policies moving forward. Presidents, Diets, and the Need for a Better Precedent A president's diet might seem like a small, personal, and rather inconsequential detail, but it says a lot about his focus on health, nutrition, and overall well-being.  Unfortunately, America's demise of healthy diets directly parallels the decline in nutritious diets by our presidents. Check out this list of presidents' favorite foods by Fresh n' Lean, and you'll notice that tastes have changed over the years.  Early presidents craved things like tomatoes and eggs, crackers and water, cheese, omelets, apples, and the occasional macaroon.  Fast-forward to the last few presidents,...(Read Full Article)
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