Patriotism vs. Nationalism: Both Are Fake Tribalism

I was to the local Safeway on the Saturday morning of the Labor Day weekend, and I noticed a number of red, white, and blue "patriotic bouquets" in the floral department.  But what would it mean if instead Safeway had advertised the bouquets as "national holiday bouquets"? I got to read a couple of articles over the last week that purported to tell me the difference between "patriotism" and "nationalism."  The difference is clear.  Patriotism good; nationalism bad.  But what really is the difference?  Neither Jonah Goldberg nor Ralph Benko was able to tell me, except to note that the late John McCain was a patriot while Donald Trump is a nationalist. After a couple of days of deep thinking, I think I can say what the difference is.  Patriotism is when the ruling class keeps tribal feeling in reserve, to crank it up only when it is necessary to send a...(Read Full Article)
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