Media and the Rise of Homosexuality

India has just legalized gay sex. This is roughly one-sixth of the world's population. A few years ago, this would have been unthinkable. What happened? An admission about homosexual influences, by a famous documentary, does much to explain society today. We must first go back to the 1960s, to an amazing documentary by CBS, hosted by Mike Wallace, called "The Homosexuals." In the documentary, Mike Wallace noted that, as late as 1967: Most Americans are repelled by the mere notion of homosexuality. A CBS news survey shows that two out of three Americans look upon homosexuals with disgust, discomfort or fear… The majority of Americans favor legal punishment, even for homosexual acts performed in private between consenting adults. "The Homosexuals," (6:39), CBS, 1967, with Mike Wallace. Not too long ago, people received severe sentences for homosexual behavior. This man is twenty-seven, college educated... He has been in jail three...(Read Full Article)
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