McCain, Bipartisanship, and the 'Congress Problem'

John McCain's funeral at the National Cathedral brings to mind an admonition some will have heard in the cinematic recreation of a memorial at St. Paul's Cathedral in London for T.E. Lawrence: "Well, nil nisi bonum" – "Of the dead, [say] nothing but good." With that in mind, know that this kid voted for McCain in two presidential primaries and in the 2008 general election and doesn't regret having done so, despite some of McCain's policy positions.  In fact, I now think Republicans should have run McCain for president in 1996.  Think of how different politics would have been had McCain been elected president in '96 and had there been a woman or a minority in the number two spot.  The nation would have been far better off.  But Republicans tend to fall in line, and Sen. Dole was next. The differences between T.E. Lawrence and John McCain were stark.  For one thing, Lawrence died...(Read Full Article)
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