Islam and the Culling Foot-Bridge

Islam operates by two powerful schemes: reward and punishment.  It mesmerizes the believer by its encyclopedic descriptions of Allah's lush paradise that awaits the worthy faithful.  For the kefir and a not-so-true Muslim, the destination is Allah's dreadful hell. Muslim clergy tirelessly preach about these two locations with great success.  Fear of hell, for some, even out-muscles the attractions of paradise and works wonders in keeping the flock servile to the parasitic clergy. A powerful, well honed scheme involves pol-e As-Sirāt (the footbridge of the path).  The kefirs, after they die, do not even get a chance to see if they can cross this footbridge; they go directly to Allah's hell.  Yet all Muslims approach the footbridge.  The problem is in crossing it.  The preachers describe at great length how difficult it is to cross this bridge over the gorge of hell to the other side, where paradise...(Read Full Article)
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