Ford vs. Kavanaugh: There's Nothing to Investigate

The fact that Christine Blasey Ford is refusing to testify before Congress makes it clear that even she doesn't think she's credible. But wait, you say: she's willing to testify after an FBI investigation. The problem with that is that there is nothing to investigate.  Christine Blasey Ford's claims don't involve rape; that's just her opinion of what was going on.  She wasn't even undressed; her clothes weren't ripped; and once she got off the bed, the alleged rapist just let her walk away and eventually leave the house without any further problem.  That's the worst-case scenario, assuming she's not lying.  That sure sounds more like a drunk kid clumsily hitting on a girl who he thought was interested than a kid intent on raping a girl.  It's bad, to be sure, but it's not "destroy a person's life decades later" bad. Forget that for a moment.  Let's...(Read Full Article)
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