The Pursuit of Happiness in the Trump Economy

His life started on a dairy farm.  Apart from a stint in the United States Navy, he spent the better part of the next five decades eking out a modest sustenance from milk production.  Then come the summer of ‘85, a young boy was killed in a tractor accident behind the barn.  A few months later it was almost the loss of his own hand: mangled in a hay bailer.  The attending surgeon, a veteran medic in Vietnam, said it was one of the worst injuries he had ever seen. That was when Dad began to wonder if he should still be a farmer. Maybe it was providential.  The drought of 1986 wiped out many farms across America.  By then Dad had found employment at a granite quarry, where he rose to become the head of maintenance before he retired in 2008. But none of that was ever Dad’s career. He discovered his true calling in the early 90s.  A book about knifemaking caught Dad’s eye.  It became something he wanted to take a stab...(Read Full Article)
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