David French Contradicts Himself

National Review’s David French penned an article in which he calls on the New York Times op-ed author, Anonymous, to reveal himself and present evidence that the nation’s security is at stake, the president is unhinged, and the minions in his administration are concerned.  “[I]f you truly believe the president is unfit, basic patriotism demands nothing less” than Anonymous show the courage to come forward and present his case, under oath with evidence before the American people, who have a right to know.  I used to admire David French -- ex-military, an accomplished attorney, a prolific contributor to National Review, a pundit extraordinaire.  But his article starts out with the admonition “For the good of the nation, you must identify yourself and back up your claims about the president with hard evidence.”  Throughout the article, French repeatedly demands that Anonymous present the evidence for his or her claims. ...(Read Full Article)
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