9/11, 2018

Seventeen years have passed since the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  As the years pass, people's memories of that gruesome day also fade.  It seems the potential for another 9/11 is not on Americans' radar.  For many young people, born after the harrowing incident, it is not even a memory.  Seventeen years is a long time for a collective consciousness, and there are issues more pressing to many.  Bestselling author T. Jefferson Parker, in his latest novel, Swift Vengeance, has this book quote: "The ghosts of 9/11 are not just Taucher's.  They belong to all of us who get fooled."  Parker explained, "We as a people need to be vigilant to protect ourselves from another 9/11 or San Bernardino.  U.S. citizens have short memories and are busy people with hectic lives.  We tend to forget things.  We are now back to our comfortable ways and perhaps do not...(Read Full Article)
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