Why is Maria Butina in prison?

If you believe the mass disinformation media, Maria Butina is just another Russian spy.  She was arrested the day before Trump and Putin met based on the federal statute of being an "unregistered foreign agent."  It seems that the arrest of Butina is the first time anybody has been arrested on this statute in the history of the United States.  Although the prison term for the lack of registration of a foreign agent exists (five years), so far, the only punishments have been small fines. There is every reason to believe that Butina is in prison because a lawyer by the name of Veselnitskaya is at large. These two Russians are not connected by their Russian origin or their suspicious (and suspiciously successful) activities in America.  They are connected because of the inexplicable desire of the Obama administration to see both of them on American soil. When Veselnitskaya's visa expired in early 2016, someone high-ranking...(Read Full Article)