Who Watches the Media Watchdogs?

Somehow, these guys just aren't getting it. Last Thursday, 300-plus newspapers took part in a national cry-in over President Trump's infamous "enemy of the people" statement.  Stung by Trump's daily complaints about the many media outlets that publish fake news about him, the nation's Professional Journalists want us to know they would never dream of doing such a thing.  "We're not the enemy of the people," they say, "and besides, just where the hell would you be without us?" No less an eminence than Dan Rather saw it as his bounden duty to strap on his trench coat and file his own piece in The Atlantic, "Why a Free Press Matters."  Rather sees other challenges facing the press right now, like failed business models and technology.  He even perceives some "self-inflicted wounds."  Curiously, on that point, Rather never mentions the way he disgraced himself and...(Read Full Article)