Where Is the Ace in the Presidential Deck of Cards?

Considering the nature of the muster of political figures now on the scene aspiring to be president of the United States, one may conclude they're either too gray or too grassy green.  The pickings are poor, and the crop is lean.  How many have appropriate qualifications for the position?  This is not self-evident, since the necessary and desirable qualifications are debatable, partly relevant to changing times, the issues confronting the nation, and the suitable relevant character of the aspirant. All can agree that honesty is essential for potential candidates, who should be rejected if they "make their faces vizards to their hearts disguising what they are."  The latter individuals may have dangerous ambition that "lurks under the specious masks of zeal for the rights of the people."  At the same time, care should be taken that those who advocate the truth are in fact influenced by purer principles than...(Read Full Article)