Trump Falls for the 'Criminal Justice Reform' Hoax

Trump has swallowed the Criminal Justice Reform Hoax, hook, line, and sinker.  Something he never did in the primaries but now is embracing. The latest embrazo came earlier this month, when black pastors came to the White House to make their case: too many black people are in prison for no reason whatsoever, other than white racism. That was followed up by some black activists who told the same story of prison and white racism. Then, finally, just a few days ago, the president met with the governors, who have made a career of staying out of the way when they see a freight train like Criminal Justice Reform and racism coming right at them. Criminal Justice Reform is the brainchild of some Obama acolytes who convinced an entire generation of Democrats, reporters, activists, and other fools that prisons are full of innocent black people who should be released immediately – black people who never should have been arrested in the first place...(Read Full Article)