The DNC Leaks and Crossfire Hurricane: A Timeline

The media's and the Democratic Party's obsession with the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory originates from events of April-June 2016.  Media operations by the Democratic Party and its media echo chamber have distorted not only the information about the relevant events, but even the background political picture of April 2016. The DNC and Hillary constructed a conspiracy theory in which Putin ordered the hacking of the DNC network and subsequent mass distribution of the exfiltrated documents to help Trump beat Hillary.  Such actions were against Russian interests and very unusual for Russian intelligence. Driven by their conspiracy theory, Hillary indulged in anti-Russian rhetoric, and the Obama administration drove relations with Russia to the worst point in the last 40 years.  Since the elections, the Democrats, the hard left, and the institutions owned by them have been pushing Trump to aggravate the conflict, started by Obama and...(Read Full Article)