The Danger in Republicans' Fight to Own Lincoln's Legacy

Human beings (and Americans are no exception) like their heroes and villains easily identifiable and the explanation of historical events simple.  As such, both Republicans and Democrats have built easily digestible historical narratives regarding American political history since the Civil War.  Peculiarly, there seems to be a debate about who gets to own the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. On the left, the meandering and incoherent narrative goes like this.  Lincoln and his mighty Union army launched a war against the racist, slave-holding Confederacy to rid America of the abominable institution of slavery and make equal citizens of the former slaves.  Therefore, modern Democrats own his legacy of greatness, because Republicans "switched" to become Democrats at some undefined time before FDR's New Deal when all those big-government, socially conscious, expansive, and redistributive federal laws were visited upon all...(Read Full Article)