Progressive Delusions

When I was in college, a liberal professor drew a diagram on the blackboard.  It was a scale, with the right side more heavily weighted than the left.  He claimed this was a representation of how money and power are on the side of the right in the United States.  I was astonished.  How could someone say something so obviously untrue?  And yet my former professor isn’t alone.  Millions of Americans agree with him despite all evidence to the contrary.  Progressives really do believe that the right has more money and power than the left.  To justify their claim that the right has more power in the United States, many progressives point to the fact that the presidency and both houses of Congress are currently controlled by the Republican Party.  However, these are only the elected positions in government.  The bureaucracy is heavily left-wing.  Washington, D.C. is heavily Democratic, as are the surrounding counties in Maryland...(Read Full Article)