Paul Manafort and Feinstein's China Spy

Paul Manafort stands trial in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's dock for a tax evasion case that the Department of Justice in 2005 decided there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute for no other reason than he later worked for Donald Trump.  Perhaps now he wishes he had been the office manager for California senator Dianne Feinstein (D), who hired a Chinese spy to be her driver and office manager, for there seems to be a double standard here when it comes to working with agents for a foreign power. There is no evidence or even a suggestion that Feinstein was colluding with the Chinese, just as there is no evidence that President Trump or Paul Manafort, during his short stint as Trump's campaign manager, colluded with Russia.  Yet Manafort is being, prosecuted for a minor crime while the Chinese spy, Russell Lowe, was allowed to pack his box and leave.  No criminal prosecution and no special counsel to see where this thread...(Read Full Article)