Paramount Owes America an Apology for Jay-Z's Trayvon Series

On Monday evening, the Paramount Networks aired the first part of a six-part documentary series on the death of Trayvon Martin called Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story. If multimedia impresario Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter had chosen to tell it, there was a story to be told here: a story about a boy bounced around among his biological parents and other relatives after his parents' divorce; a story of a boy whose descent into drugs, guns, fighting, and burglary accelerated after his father left his stepmother, Alicia, his "rock," when Trayvon was 15. There was a story to be told of how Trayvon's school shielded him from the criminal justice system – much as the schools in neighboring Broward County shielded Parkland's Nikolas Cruz – even after Trayvon was apprehended at school with a weapon, a burglary tool, and stolen jewelry. This cautionary tale of abandonment and betrayal was not the one Jay-Z chose to tell.  Instead, he...(Read Full Article)