Leftists Love the Memory Hole

At a recent rally, President Trump told his audience not to believe what they read and hear in the mainstream media.  It was a point he's made in various venues many times before – and an eminently reasonable point, considering the repeated waves of inaccuracy and hostility he has endured from those same media. Trump's enemies hate his rallies.  They're insanely jealous of his ability to speak ex tempore and captivate his chosen audience.  So this challenge to "Fake News" became the occasion for revisiting a tried and false rhetorical trope against the president.  Trump's comment was juxtaposed with a passage from George Orwell's 1984, to the effect that the Party required people to deny the evidence of their senses.  Wow!  How original!  Clever leftists had cast Trump in the role of Big Brother.  How's that for literacy? Unfortunately for the left, it's...(Read Full Article)